Dedo Ciego

DEDO CIEGO, audiovisual studio by Joaquín Urbina and Ana Gale. They perform works for brands, television, musicians, artists and for themselves. In their projects they combine artisan techniques, objects, digital material and analog processes. They have been recognized by Vimeo Staff Picks, Laus Awards, Stashmedia, Motionographer, Onedotzero, Art of the Title, Ciclope and Gràffica Award, among others.


BBVA — Campaña TV

Agencia: DDB Barcelona
Productora: Agosto

Solvia — Campaña TV

Agencia: *S,C,P,F…
Productora: Agosto

DIRECT — Anuncio TV

Agencia: El Laboratio
Productora: Blackbox

YOIGO — Anuncio TV

Agencia: El Laboratorio
Productora: Agosto


FEMI KUTI — Videoclip

Title: The World is Changing
Record Label: Naïve
Agencia: MMI Creative

JMII — Videoclip

Title: Bailar
Record Label: Hivern Discs

Motion Graphics

EL PAÍS — Vídeo explicativo