In Focus Magazine

In Focus is the annual magazine of the UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE), a window into the IBE’s vision, mission, and tireless quest in pursuit of a world in which everyone is assured quality and relevant education and lifelong learning.


In Focus is available both as an online platform and as a print magazine: a collector’s item, a piece of history to own.

In Focus captures critical moments of each year and showcases IBE’s flagship programs. In Focus is more than a beautiful piece of work: it is a call to action—an invitation to the world to join the IBE’s efforts toward achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 and the global Education2030 agenda.

For this initial issue, and to mark its 90th anniversary, the IBE took a look at its long and fruitful history. A lifetime dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge–to making education a right accessible to all. To reflect this we worked to create a series of photographic illustrations to open each of the articles in the magazine.

The illustrations use the book as the central element to create surrealist compositions that seek to reflect on the values of knowledge and education. The design and layout looked to reinforce this connection with an editorial tradition by making use of decorative elements scanned from old books.