foodtech à la francaise


Branding, visual identity and packaging

With more than 15 years of innovation in the foodtech market, Beautysané, a leading company in the European nutrition and dietetics sector, offers food solutions through its 5000 sales reps, which sell the brand through direct sale. Aware of the paradigm shift in their business and with the online market gaining ever more power, Beautysané asked multipleStudio to accompany them in their transition to the new digital reality.

Brand ingredients

We created a new brand and visual identity, and also packaging, naming and development of the different product lines. A brand system based on a new symbol, typographic identity and color palette. Also established was a photographic style consistent with the new image for the global development of packaging typologies.

Energy Diet sabor café
Energy Diet sabor legumbres
Energy Diet sabor thai
Energy Diet sabor tortilla a las finas hierbas
Energy Diet Plus sabor café
Energy Diet Plus sabor legumbres
Energy Diet sabor hierbas aromáticas
Energy Diet Plus sabor thai

Structuring, naming and packaging system

ENERGY DIET, ENERGY DIET +, ENERGY DRINKS, ENERGY SNACKS and ENERGY DIET BABY are the names created for the five ranges of Beautysané products. The circular structure, in a mandala shape, establishes and identifies each product. More than 35 photographic illustrations were made that to reflect the flavours of the different product lines.

EDITORS Magazine

Very important tool to enhance the Beautysané spirit among the more than 5000 sales reps, as well as numerous spas and gyms spread throughout the French and Belgian territory.


The magazine, developed in parallel to the identity project, has a refined and colourful design. Based on the new visual identity of the brand; The sections, articles, recipes, photographs and illustrations, were custom-made by multipleStudio, responding to the main components of Beautysané’s DNA: today’s food and the different paths that lead to physical and mental well-being.


Both the corporate website and an e-commerce store were designed, adapted to the new needs of the brand. With the main objective of maintaining its original spirit to sustain the dialogue with its historical clients, but without neglecting the introduction of a new and attractive language directed towards a new younger clientele, the future of Beautysané’s business.